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Medical Astrology. Tips to survive Uranus in Aries transit

 Uranus= nervous system; Aries= head

I do not know if are Fukushima radiation or the entry of Uranus in Aries, (or that I spend glued to the radiation of computer and TV) but the feeling that something is happening in eyes and head is evident, so it would good to make the following recommendations in particular those who are livers, in order  to survive the long transit of the explosive Uranus, in the accelerated sign of Aries. This recommendation is valid for those with the Sun, Moon or any other planet or progression in this sign, check your charts, do not realize that being in hospital bed.
Uranus as everyone knows is unstable and nervous conditions in the body generates Hyper Hypo conditions, twitching and cramping, restlessness, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, tremors, insomnia, etc.
All of these symptoms are known in Chinesse Medicine as WIND also includes sight problems, see gnats flying, photophobia, red eye, decreased vision, night blindness, slowly until the deterioration of sight.
 The liver is the organ (yin) and gallbladder the viscera (YANG), one ruled by Jupiter, the other by Saturn, (wich now is in Libra making a 180 degree aspect to thoseplanets in Aries) the liver is associated with the tendons and eyes are the the window of the liver, SPRING (0 Aries) its station, which incidentally is when more wind there is, but this wind is considered a foreign pathogen, but also affects health, especially if the person has endogenous WIND or internal wind. Uranus is the God of wind, and remember during their transit through the sign of Pisces, was in mutual reception with Neptune the God of Water and this two planets were starring in all kinds of natural disasters as well as those created by man.
Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and symbolizing the body's largest organ, also transits the sign of Aries and Mars the minor explosive, in a few months will, so there will be a big Yang energy accumulated in the temperamental sign which rules the head.
With this, we can predict that diseases where the liver is involved, and the head is going to increase during this period, but many believe that diseases of the head, (I do not mean mental illness), specifically from the liver and her couple gallbladder, as in the case of headache and migraine, vertigo, dizziness, facial paralysis and stroke. Stroke disease more common every day, but no doubt we will witness an increase in the number of cases during the period that will last Uranus in Aries, until March 2019. Hypertension is another disease that will have remarkable increase.
The name of cerebrovascular disease is "Liver Wind stroke" and referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine, although that is generated in the liver, is a disease of a totally Arian, enough simply to understand the nature of many Natives of this sign, that are easily angered, very active, competitive and sometimes even self-destructive, very independent, and individualistic, that´s why  they are called the child of the zodiac, and how is a patient after a stroke ?, they are paralyzed and totally dependent on others, very sad case, but that Pluto's fate or the executor of karma (or whatever), they used to play this kind of excitement.
How does the wind cames?
Rage, repressed anger and emotions such as worry and sadness, stagnant liver energy, liver is called the filter of emotions. Everything that stagnates generates heat, heat generated fire, the fire damages the liver yin, causing liver deficiency YIN, therefore YANG exacerbates and ascends to the head and eyes, the wind is generated internally and can result in "liver wind stroke"
From the perspective of Western medicine, the liver is asymptomatic, unless we bring as cirrhosis or liver disease very evident. TCM takes into account from the body language to a series of other symptoms that go unnoticed.
 Thanks to the wisdom of TCM, we can anticipate and detect that something is not well with our health, especially our livers and gallbladder, these are some symptoms that we have to pay attention, take note:
The liver is manifested by pain in the neck and pain in the abdomen and particularly the side below the ribs, this type of pain is when the body is being affected, but first we have other minor symptoms such as headache, migraine, dizziness, loss vision, every time we increase the ranking of glasses, a sign that the liver is down, blurred vision or flying objects in the visual field. Since then an Arian temper, anger, moodiness, anger easily, dizziness, vertigo, tremors, tics, behind all this symptoms is liver and gallbladder.
The color of the liver and gallbladder  is green, there are people who have this color, like Hulk in the face and parts of the skin. Nails in poor condition, it is also about the liver.
If you already have a Uranian temper , nervous, desperate, with anguish, intolerant, with insomnia or restless sleep, we must help our bodies recover tranquility, emotional especially for this need to do some exercise to release excess energy and stress, free of junk food,  avoid alcohol, it  generates as much internal heat to be and put us further YANG, increased consumption of green foods, as this is the color of the wood element , olive oil comes very well, we must drink it.
Avoid hot or spicy foods, as the set is too hot the Lung and this organ is dominant to the liver (the grandfather), also have to avoid acidic or sour foods, as this is the flavor of the wood element, where are located the liver and gallbladder.
The Chinese have the good habit of drinking tea in the spring jasmine tea drinkers 花茶 (HuaChaaá), summer green tea 绿 (LiuChaaá) to drain the internal heat.
Chinesse herbal medicine has a formula named: 龍膽瀉肝湯  LongDanXieGan Tang Gentiana decocction to drain liver, it´s avalilable in some web pages.

As we know Mars- Uranus is synonymous of accidents, this planet rules aviation.
Uranus in Aries can also be self-destructive, such is the haste that are always running, running at full speed, attacking and seeking the termination of life (or someone to finish his life) and with this the relief from tension and instability. Also for the same reason so much stress, make frequent use of alcohol and other substances often illegal to relax.
So my livers, if you want to get to 2019, take into account my sage advice, and if you or someone you know has any of the above symptoms bear a physician acupuncturist who practices TCM before it is too late. I said TCM.
Luis Michel
Medical Astrology and TCM

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