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So it was... The creation of Solar System

Written by the Sumerian people 
To understand the planets, we must know its origins, here's the story of the Sumerian people who left us their wisdom embodied in clay tablets, they somehow were eyewitnesses of this history.
This is an excerpt from the book: The Genesis Revised researcher Zecharia Sitchin
The Sumerian texts speak of a single event, but huge. These texts explain more of what modern astronomers have tried to explain in relation to the outer planets. But the ancient texts also explain, such as the origin of the Earth, Moon, the asteroid belt and comets. Then the texts are to tell a story that combines the belief of creationists with the theory of evolution, a story that provides a more adequate than those offered by any modern theory about what happened on Earth and how came to be the man and civilization. 

It all started, according to Sumerian texts, when the solar system was still young. The Sun (APSU in the Sumerian texts, which means " who exists from the beginning"), his little companion MUM.MU (" who was born", our Mercury), and a little beyond, TI. AMAT ("Maiden of Life") were the first members of the solar system, it gradually expanded with the birth of three planetary pairs: call the planets Venus and Mars, among Mummu and Tiamat, the couple giant Jupiter and Saturn (for using modern names), beyond Tiamat, and Uranus and Neptune, even further.

On this original solar system, still unstable shortly after their creation (I think that might be the last four billion years), appeared an invader. The Sumerians called it Nibiru, the Babylonians renamed it Marduk in honor of their national God. Came from outer space, from "deep" as they say the ancient texts. But, with its approach to the outer planets of the solar system began to be attracted inward. The first planet outside to attract Nibiru with its gravitational field was Neptune, Sumerian EA ("one whose house is water"). "The EA that was raised, " says the old text.
Certainly, Nibiru / Marduk was a sight to behold, attractive, brilliant, noble, magnificent, are some of the adjectives used to describe it. Lightning sparks out of it to Neptune and Uranus as it passed them. Could come with their own satellites orbiting, or could remove them from the outer planets as a result of gravitational attraction. The ancient text speaks of his "perfect members ... hard to see", "four were his eyes, four ears. "
As he passed near EA / Neptune, Nibiru / Marduk came out a lump on the side, "as if he had a second head. " Perhaps the extrusion, became Triton, Neptune's moon? A detail that makes us suspect it seriously is the fact that Nibiru / Marduk entered the solar system with a retrograde orbit (in the sense of clockwise), unlike all the other planets. Only this particular Sumerian, according to which the invading planet was moving against the orbital motion of all other planets, may explain the retrograde motion of Triton, highly elliptical orbits of other satellites and comets, and other important events that still we need to address.
When Nibiru / Marduk passed by Anu / Uranus, more satellites were created. In describing this transit by Uranus, the text says that "Anu brought and begot the four winds," a reference as clear as would be expected to the four major moons of Uranus, as we now know, were formed during the collision that tilted Uranus. At the same time, we learn in a later passage of the text that Nibiru / Marduk won three satellites as a result of this meeting.
Although, after his capture in solar orbit, the Sumerian texts tell us that Nibiru / Marduk returned to visit the outer planets gradually conforming them to the system we know today, that first meeting gives us the explanation of the enigmas that faced and still faces modern astronomy with respect to Neptune, Uranus, its moons and its rings.
After passing Neptune and Uranus, Nibiru / Marduk continued introduced in the middle of the planetary system, being attracted by the immense gravitational fields of Saturn (AN.SHAR, "First of heaven") and Jupiter (KI.SHAR, "First firm land ").
When Nibiru / Marduk "approached and stood as in combat near AN.SHAR / Saturn, the two planets" kissed their lips. "
That was also when the main satellite of Saturn, GA.GA (soon became Pluto), was away in the direction of Mars and Venus, one direction only possible thanks to the reactionary forces of Nibiru / Marduk. Making a huge elliptical orbit, GA.GA went back in time to the outskirts of the Solar System. From there went  "directed" to Neptune and Uranus orbits passing in the swing. It was the beginning of the process by which GA.GA become Pluto, with its peculiar orbit inclined at times, it introduces between Neptune and Uranus.
The new "destiny" or orbital path, of Nibiru / Marduk had now irrevocably to the former planet Tiamat. At that time, relatively early in the formation of the Solar System, it was marked by instability, especially (as the text tells us) in the region of Tiamat. While the nearest planets were still wobbling in their orbits, Tiamat was pulled in many directions by the two giants that was beyond her, and by two small planets between her and the Sun One consequence it was the expulsion of another, or gathering around him a "host" satellites "furious and angry" in the poetic language of the text (which experts call the Epic of Creation). These satellites, "roaring monsters," were "clothed with terror" and "crowned with halos", spinning furiously and plotting their orbits as if they were "celestial gods" (planets).

But the most dangerous to the stability or safety of other planets was the "leader of the host" of Tiamat, a large satellite that had grown to nearly the size of a planet, and was about to get a "destiny "independent (its own orbit around the Sun.) Tiamat "cast a spell, to sit among the gods of heaven, exalted him." In Sumerian KIN.GU was called "Great emissary."

Like a Greek tragedy, the subsequent "celestial battle" was inevitable, because the gravitational and magnetic forces came into play inexorably leading to the collision between the newcomer Nibiru / Marduk, with seven satellites ("wind" in the ancient text), and Tiamat and his "army" of eleven satellites, led by Kingu.

Although wearing a collision course, Tiamat orbiting in the opposite direction clockwise and Nibiru / Marduk in the direction of clockwise, the planets did not get to hit, something that is a fact of cardinal importance in astronomy. It was the satellites, or "winds" (literal Sumerian meaning: "Those who are on the side") of Nibiru / Marduk that smashed into Tiamat and clashed with its satellites.
These "winds" or satellites, of Nibiru / Marduk, "seven" were the main "weapons" with which Tiamat was attacked in the first phase of the Celestial Battle. But the invading planet also had other "weapons":
When the two planets and their satellites armies were close enough that Nibiru / Marduk would "explore the inside of Tiamat" and "perceive the plans of Kingu" Nibiru / Marduk attacked Tiamat with his "net" ("magnetic field ?) to "wrap" shooting giant beams to the old planet ("divine rays").
Tiamat "was filled with glow", slowing down, warming up, "dilated." Wide gaps opened in the crust, perhaps emitting steam and volcanic material. Then, in a wide fissure, Nibiru / Marduk released one of its large moons, known as "Evil Wind." It opened "the belly", "went through the bowels and broke his heart."
In addition to destroy Tiamat and "extinguish her life, "the first meeting sealed the fate of the orbiting moons, all but Kingu the almost planet. Captives in the "net"(the magnetic and gravitational attraction) of Nibiru / Marduk, members of the "band of Tiamat, " "shattered, torn apart, " were driven from their previous courses and forced to follow new paths in opposite direction "Trembling with fear, turned their backs. "
This created the comets. So tells us the 6,000 years old text, reached the comets their orbits, highly elliptical and retrograde orbits. For Kingu, Tiamat's main satellite, the text tells us that in the first phase of the collision, Kingu was deprived of its quasi-independent orbit. Nibiru / Marduk took away his "destiny. " Nibiru / Marduk converts ​​Kingu in DUG.GA.E, "a mass of lifeless clay, devoid of atmosphere, water and radioactive material, and decreased in size, and " handcuff" to remain in Tiamat's spoiled orbit.
After defeating Tiamat, Nibiru / Marduk sailed to its new destination. "The Sumerian text leaves no doubt that the former invader remained in orbit around the Sun After circling the Sun (Apsu), Nibiru / Marduk goes away in space. But now, caught forever in the solar orbit, had to return. Upon his return, Ea / Neptune was there to receive him and Anshar / Saturn cheered his victory. Then, its new orbit brought him back to the scene of the Battle in Heaven, "returned to Tiamat, whom he had wounded. "
And with this action, the creation of "Heaven" reached its final stage, with the beginning of the creation of the Earth and Moon. First, the new impacts splits Tiamat in two halves. The satellite of Nibiru / Marduk called North Wind hit on top of Tiamat, over his "skull" far away, and with it Kingu, "to places that had been ignored", to a new orbit where there had been any planet before. Thus created the Earth and the Moon!

The other half of Tiamat was shattered by impacts. This half, the lower its "tail" was "embossed" to make it a "bracelet" in heaven. This created the "Great Band", the asteroid belt.
After removing Tiamat from the road and Kingu, Nibiru / Marduk returned to "cross the heavens and inspect the regions." This time, center their attention on the "House of Ea" (Neptune), giving that planet and its twin, Uranus, its final constitution. According to this ancient text, Nibiru / Marduk also gave Gaga / Pluto his final "destiny", giving it "a hidden place", in a part of heaven hitherto unknown. Was beyond Neptune where he was, they said  "deep" in outer space. But, as befitting his new position as the farthest planet from the Sun, was given a new name: US.MI, "He who shows the way", the first planet to which it would be to enter the solar system,from outer space towards the sun
This created Pluto, and put it in orbit now holds.
Having thus "constructed the stations" of the planets, Nibiru / Marduk made ​​two "places" for himself. One of them was in the "firmament", as was called the asteroid belt in the ancient texts, the other much further, "on the deep" and called him "big home / away", E. SHARRA ("home / home of the ruler / prince). Modern astronomers call these two planetary positions perigee (closest orbital point to the Sun) and apogee (the farthest). Is an orbit which requires  3600 Earth years for its journey.
And so the invader who came from outer space became the twelfth member of the Solar System, a system made by the Sun in its center, with his usual partner, Mercury, three former partners (Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), Earth and Moon, the remains of the great Tiamat, though in a new position, Pluto, newly independent, and the planet that gave all its final form, Nibiru / Marduk.
Modern astronomy and the latest findings support and confirm this ancient story.

Zecharia Sitchin passed away on October 9, 2010, he left us an interesting collection of books on this subject and the origins of humanity.

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